Global Village: Thoughts and Takeouts


I remember Kit Yee, one of my Chinese roommates in Malaysia telling me, “You can just join Team China, you look more Chinese anyway!”

This was Global Village in July 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event marked the start of the various volunteer works we were assigned to and this was merely a social gathering to meet and make friends. UN volunteers from across Asia and all around the world gathered to showcase what our own countries have to offer to the world. Sadly, I was the only Filipino in this crowd and I had absolutely no one to prepare and showcase with. I felt lost and alone for being the only one and I envied all other countries’ tables well-prepared and fully decorated. I simply had a table, a Philippine flag, and a laptop to show for. I was unprepared. However, I had been interacting with Team Taiwan, Team Vietnam and Team China, the three tables on my left. Looking at how deserted my table looked, they offered to make me join their teams. Ultimately, I ended up with Team China, showcasing their country, eating their food, and speaking what elementary Mandarin I know.

Shame on me.

It was a day I seriously wish I could re-live. After all, there is everything to love about the Philippines!

I wish more and more Filipino youth and youth across the globe would embark on a life-changing endeavor like volunteering for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. There are opportunities all around the world and YOU could be one of the lucky few to be chosen and accepted for the volunteer work!

Check out and be a leader for the world! 🤗

“Leadership is not an option; it is a responsibility.”


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